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Travelogues and Writing Binges

Hi, all! Most of you know I’m starting a 6 month sabbatical in a few weeks to hopefully make some good progress on my book about Integrative Medicine, but I wanted to finally be brave and also tell you about my new blog I started a couple of weeks ago. I’ve written poetry forever, but I rarely shared any with anyone until this past year, and really not until the past 6 months… and since I sometimes write about meditation and also personal stories, I thought it would be best to have a separate site– I’ll write my personal things on that one ( ) and leave this one for book updates and essays about health and the environment. That way you can choose which side you’d like to subscribe to. And if you like my personal stuff, you will also be able to follow me as I travel and if you’re around, drop me a line and we’ll have tea! It’s still new and I’m still editing the last few posts, but it’s a start, and comments are welcomed!
Much love, Andrea

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