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Links day!

Just a quick post to say hello to some friend’s sites I’ve been overdue to link to:

1. Didi Pershouse has a Center for Sustainable Medicine too! How great is that! She came up with the name back in 2006, and I came up with mine in a brainstorm sesh a few years later- love it how great ideas are birthed simultaneously by many of us!! She’s on the other coast up in Vermont, so we’re doing a little back-and-forth on how to collaborate and get our extremely-similar messages out! Check out her site linked up there, and by all means if you’re on the East Coast, go see her!  :)

2. My friends at Rebelle Society have published two little bits of my writing, see what you think, and leave comments please!

a. My poem Guru            b. my modified meditation manifesto (not the same as the one here… I might just keep writing them :)

3. A great talk by Choyam Trungpa on how to talk to kids about meditation

4. My friend Dawn from MedMob who lives in Canterbury England and has a business called “Fresh Connective Coaching” linked to ME and said such sweet things!!!! so here’s her blog (with her post about me first, but please check out her other fabulous articles too!)

5. My friend Robert who is a great supporter of MedMob and is a fabulous artist and yoga teacher as well as a physicist (! right?), has a line of t-shirts he’s working on called Rocket Buddha. Please take his survey and let him know which ones you’d like best!

6. Then there’s this guy, Ben Riggs, whose articles keep popping up and are a really good perspective (and less wordy than mine!) on meditation and evolution… Reading other people’s ideas is a great way to open up your mind and learn new things about your own… Enjoy his posts!

That’s probably good for now… In other news, the new office is picking up speed which is great, MedMob Santa Barbara has returned to Thursday nights in Alice Keck park, I’m offering free Biodynamic CranioSacral treatments to friends/family while I’m refining what I learned at my conference in Oregon last month, and in April I’ll be in SF for the weekend of the 13th and in STL from the 27th-May 6 for my Grandfather’s birthday and my cousin Danny’s pharmacy school graduation. Busy fun times. Hope everyone is well- please drop me a line and tell me how you’re doing!

Much love,