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Sustainable Health / Sustainable Medicine

What is Sustainable Medicine? Dr. Andrea came up with the phrase, and a related one “Sustainable Health” a few years ago when trying to figure out how to best serve her patients and how to deal with a broken healthcare system.

Sustainable Medicine is a new paradigm of health care based on simple principles, most concisely put by Michael Pollan and paraphrased this way: eat real food, mostly plants, not too much, and eat from sources you know that are as close as possible to where you are cooking.

The choices we make every day, about food itself, whether to use disposable containers, how to transport ourselves around, and what stresses we allow or accept into our lives, all increase or limit our potential for health and all affect our communities and the planet we live in.

The information shared on the blog will help sift through what you’ve heard before and give simple ideas to change your daily choices and promote health in yourself, your family and community, and the planet as a whole.